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Die Hard Dracula movie trailer | FlixHouse


7 months
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- An Ambitious, mini-budgeted updating of the Dracula legend that features flying coffins, a shapeshifting Dracula who flies like Superman, spews lightning from his fingertips when threatened, and keeps a few sexy vamps around the castle. Bruce Glover, that delightfully perverse villain from "Diamonds Are Forever", teams up with Denny Sachen, the "Bugle Boy " guy, and gorgeous Kerry Dustin from David Letterman skits, for a good natured, blood-sucking battle royale against a Dracula trying to provide his family of brides with new blood.

Great late-night fare with sensuous vampiresses, a 500 year-old castle, a hilarious bedroom scene, quotable campy dialogue, and the eeriest crypt of real skeletons you've ever seen. The director is from the Czech Republic and knew all the spooky places to shoot. Production values offered by the Czech locations is unusually high. While treating the horror/vampire tradition with respect, the spoof keeps its tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, even when Dr. Van Helsing (Glover) is defeated. Not a cult classic yet, but suitable for a horror collection.

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