How to Upload or Add Your Videos

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Create Free Account and Login

After login and on top right in navigation bar find the camera symbol and click on it, here you have 2 different options for you to use:

1- Embed a video link:

Embedding: just copy and paste your video URL into embed box and click save and wait for processing to complete. You can embed your videos from any website where you host your video. (YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc…)

2- Encode Video: you have 2 options for encoding:

  • From Local File: browse to get your file from you drive or desktop, or just drag and drop your file into uploader. Your video will be uploaded, encoded and hosted on our servers. You may drag and drop multiple files here. (File Formats: .mp4 .mov Maximum File Size: 6GB)

  • Import Video: Copy and paste your video URL and it will be uploaded, encoded and hosted on our servers, you may choose a category now or later in your videos portal as well as add description of video.

  • Bulk Encode: not available - for in house use only.

To Edit Your Videos:

In videos portal and to the far right of the video you just uploaded you will find 7 Icons that you will use to edit, feature or delete your video.

  1. Doc symbol: You are able to copy and embed your video into other websites

  2. Pen Symbol: Edit your video description, add custom thumbnails, add next video to play. If you have nudity or graphic content in your video you must add the MA Rating to you video. (in R RATING section, choose the MA rating, a Viewer Discretion Notice will appear before your video is played)

  3. X Symbol: Delete your video

  4. Green On Symbol: Uplaoded video go live instantly on site, change status here to Unlisted, Hide, or back to Live

  5. Star Symbol: Feature one or more of your videos on your channel, multiple featured videos will rotate randomly

  6. Rotate Arrows: Use only if needed - rotate thumbnail images

  7. Upload Subtitles - Closed Caption: If your video has closed captions and or subtitles click, upload, pick language and save

If you need help please click here to Contact Us.

For feature length movies you are welcome to submit them for review on our movie platform.

Contact us here to submit your feature film.